Luxury redesigned

Estilo Architects was established to provide customised and comprehensive turnkey solutions for the residential sector. Offering a trilogy of expertise, including architecture, interior design and construction, including home renovation and refurbishment. Estilo Architect’s multidisciplinary team of experts has delivered projects in the Middle East, Europe, United States, Asia and Africa, combining global best practice with in-depth local knowledge, currently positioned as one of the top residential architecture firms in Dubai.

When you choose Estilo Architects, you choose from a list of top architect firms in Dubai. You choose an integrated solution with one source of accountability from pre-construction, including the design phase, to post-construction. From project conceptualisation to design and construction, Estilo Architects finds creative solutions to complex challenges, acting as a trusted design partner and building contractor. Design and construction divisions work seamlessly to deliver world-class designs, on time and within budget.

Through a turnkey approach, Estilo Architects accelerates delivery while minimising risk, guaranteeing cost and delivery schedules in the design phase. Turnkey delivery offers a more effective process for designing and constructing projects, consolidating multiple projects into a single point of accountability. Providing a full range of services under one roof, the conflicts between construction companies, building contractors and designers are avoided. Estilo Architect’s integrated design and construction teams are better equipped to deliver solutions to complex building problems by promoting close collaboration through a contractually-defined process.

Estilo Architects utilises state-of-the-art technology for integrated project delivery, including virtual reality software, Revit and 3D modelling in the design phase, enabling clients to see their visions brought to life.