Lighting as an artform

Clients consider hiring lighting consultants and designers to ensure a balance with the interior elements. To enhance the indoor design, proper lighting setting is a must. Proper setting means considering the essential mood of the home. With small and distinctive consideration, light features a vital piece of undeniable beauty around your home.

Simplicity and scale creates a unique bathroom experience
Minimalist lighting and tastefully selected colours defines the space
Natural sunlight is used to the advantage of this terrace commercial space
Careful consideration of where to use light can create elegant and unique experiences
Natural and artificial lighting is used here to excite and define the area

Estilo wins a Luxury Lifestyle 2021 award

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”Max McKeown

Estilo Team would like to thank Luxury Lifestyle Awards in recognising Estilo Architects as the ‘Best in Architecture’ and ‘Interior Design’ of this year. This acknowledgement will set a platform for Estilo Architects design creativity and delivery efforts.

Estilo Architects’ adaptability in diverse design trends deliver in-dept and one of the kind architectural design deliverables and luxury feel interior aesthetics.

Estilo’s double awards from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021

Every, Detail, Matters

Express your self through your choice of joinery at home.

Home interiors plays a big part in expressing a touch of luxury. Cores can be furnished by buying furniture from well renowned providers whilst it is considered commercialized feature.

That is why as a Designer, custom-made joinery is recommended to express homeowner’s self-branding. A character that has a significant highlight in every home. Can be considered as an art and bring life in the entire interiors.

Having a custom-made joinery can provide a wide array of functionality and flexibility in living spaces made in a seamless design whilst it’s an investment that increase the value of a home. However, small details matter like selecting joinery finishes, consideration of materials palette and/or integration of lighting to enhance the ambience of the joinery. The over-all joinery design should complement in architectural aesthetics.

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